Featured Artisans-ended 11.6.19


Sabbath-Day Woods Sabbath-Day Woods is a small, family-owned woodworking business located in Asheville, North Carolina. Desmond Suarez and his son Devin are second and third-generation woodworkers with decades of woodworking skill and artistry, proudly creating the highest quality wood products for the home. Each piece is designed to be used and enjoyed today, tomorrow, and onward by future generations. Sabbath-Day Woods clocks, cutting/serving boards, lamps, and candles are featured in more than 200 galleries across the United States.  See Sabbath-Day Woods work here.



 Amy Rose MooreAmy Rose Moore was born and raised in the woods in the Sierra Cascade Mountains of Northern California. She works in a variety of water-based media, including watercolor, gouache, ink & acrylics. Her favorite surface is tea-toned paper and she favors tiny paintbrushes. She has had many “animal friends”, both real and imaginary, and many of them appear in her illustrations. See Amy Rose Moore work here.





PlantilloPlantillo was founded in Berkeley, CA by artist Sabine Herrmann  in 2012.  It is an ever-growing collection of photo realistic plant-shaped pillows.  These pillows are wonderful conversation pieces that bring the outdoors inside, but never need watering!







graymarket designHallie Gray started Graymarket Design in 2013 after studying textile design and becoming fascinated with the hand-crafted textiles she encountered on travels throughout India. She is inspired by a minimal aesthetic, rich color stories grounded in neutrals and the beautiful imperfections inherent in hand-crafted textile traditions.  Her 100% cotton scarves and houseware products are designed in Kentucky and printed ethically in India.  See Graymarket Designs work here.



Nancy Reid CarrNancy Reid Carr's photographic images are quiet & serene with a distinct focus on color, texture & composition. Her simplicity in design combined with the quality of the aluminum offer a fresh, modern aesthetic. The photographs on aluminum are printed using highly adhesive, water resistant inks which are then heat cured. The “whites” and lighter values of the image are left blank so that the metal is exposed creating a luminous, three dimensional effect.  Nancy lives and works in Rhode Island. See Nancy Reid Carr's work here.





rigel stuhmiller

Rigel is a printmaker and illustrator living in Berkeley, California. In her work she tries to capture the beauty, curiosity, and wonder she sees in the natural world. In addition to doing freelance custom work for many museum stores, non-profits, farms, and food/gift companies, she also carries a line of stationery, gifts and home goods that can be found online and in over 500 museums, botanic gardens, and boutiques across the country.  See Rigel Stuhmiller work here.





ThomasworkGrowing up as the son of a carpenter in West Virginia, Matt Thomas was exposed to woodworking (and construction) at an early age. For as long as he can remember, lumber and tools have always been a part of his life.  Although his career path started in construction as a general contractor, his woodworking hobby gradually grew into a full-time business. Building on his German/Italian heritage, all of his work has very clean lines and an elegant aesthetic.  See Thomaswork pieces here.


Vital IndustriesVital Industries, led by founders Brett and Mishel, makes glassware, home goods, apparel & accessories in their Northern Wisconsin studio. Their products are designed and printed with quality and durability in mind, and have a colorful, contemporary aesthetic. All of the goods are inspired by the team’s adventures and explorations throughout the Northwoods region, and made to last for years.



Tourance Baby BanketTourance is all about the soft, the sumptuous, the luscious, and the lavish. The majority of their products are designed and made in San Francisco. Tourance promises to bring the softest blankets on Earth to your little ones as well as your whole family and friends. With a heavenly texture that falls somewhere between flower petals, fine down, and luscious faux fur, their products are irresistibly luxurious yet easy to care for.



CherapyCherapy is a therapeutic heat and cold pain relief wrap/pillow made from cherry pits. The creator, Claudia Fassold Phillips, wanted to create something to help people heal naturally and effectively. The wraps can be used to relieve everyday pain from muscle stiffness, arthritis, back pain, stomach aches, and much more.



Mia MelangeMia Melange creates high-quality, handcrafted cotton rope baskets and planters using the best local materials in South Africa. Each of the baskets is carefully designed and produced with care and attention to detail. The designs are inspired by a love for nature, texture, natural materials, and made with time-tested traditional techniques by local craftswomen.



Graf LantzSteeped in traditional Japanese and German aesthetics, blended with SoCal design elements, Graf Lantz produces an approachable, functional collection of home and personal accessories crafted from merino wool felt and quality leather hides. All items are made in their Los Angeles studio and factory. Good design and strong, sincere values are the core of their progressive fair wage workplace.




Sven Handbags Founded in 1969, Sven Stalman’s goal was to offer an everyday product that was superior in quality, design, and functionality. As the family business grows, SVEN’s tradition of functionality and impeccable craftsmanship is still carried on at the design/manufacturing studio located in Berkeley, California.




Marjorie Baer earringsFor over 45 years, Marjorie Baer has been designing modern, sculptural jewelry that appeals to a wide range of women. Each piece is hand-made in the San Francisco Bay Area from quality materials with craftsmanship and attention to detail. Marjorie designs each piece by hand for wearability, comfort, and an eye for how it will interact with the body.